Shrug Leaf
Shrug Leaf by Aud B
Shrug Leaf by Aud B

Shrug, Leaf

  • Size: M
  • Yarn: Fingering Alpaca Silk, 150 g
  • Needle 3,5 mm and hook 2,5 mm
  • Gauge: 27 sts = 10 cm

About pattern

This pattern is available in Norwegian and English. It contains written text and charts for both knitting and crocheting.

The shrug is made of knitted parts (leaves) which are crocheted together. To change the size to smaller or larger, make several or less leaves than stated.

When no adjustments are done, each part weighs about 12 g.

During assembly, one will crochet forth and back between to knitted parts.

The story about shrug Leaf

It is summer, and a light breeze reaches the trees. The leaf makes a small movement with the sound of a whisper. Each leaf has a beautiful shape and brings joy to whoever wants to observe them.

It would be nice to wear something like that, wouldn’t it?

It’s a peaceful work to knit the leaves one by one. And it is exiting to crochet them together and see the contours of the garment little by little.

And when it’s finished, you might wear a piece of summer.