Inspired by the nature, colours and shapes Aud B create designs of her own. She finds great pleasure in making some of them available for other knitters. Therefore she puts a lot of work into the patterns, to make them as easy to follow as possible.


Aud B learned to knit as a child and has knitted ever since. Her first attempt to create her own design was when she was a teenager. Later she chose education where knitting design was one of the subjects. But the focus at that time was sewing, and so it was for several years.

In 2007 Aud B participated in a course in fashion illustration, where there was ample time for sketching. And then, in 2013, she attended a course in knitting design, to refresh the knowledge from earlier years.


In 2011 Aud B started to wright down her own patterns for knitting and crocheting, and published a few of them in her blog, Vakker Dag. But it was not before October 2014 she had her first knitting pattern for sale at Ravelry.

Little by little there was a need for a website of her own, and in 2016 audb.no was published.