Cape by Aud B
Cape by Aud B
Cape by Aud B


  • Size: one size

  • Length: 21 cm

  • Yarn: wool from New Zealand, approx. 100 g and 300 m pr skein

  • Yardage: 1 skein

  • Gauge: 3 times basic pattern = approx. 9 cm

  • Needle: 3 mm

  • Hook: 4 mm

  • Button: 1

About pattern

This pattern is available in Norwegian and English.

The cape is worked top down.

First part of the cape is a knitted rib. The rest of it is crocheted.To adjust the length,  just crochet the basic pattern further without increases. Calculate more yarn then.

The story about Cape

This yarn was sent Aud B from her sister, together with some other presents. It is a lovely wool yarn from New Zealand, in a nice colour, but only one hundred gram.

Therefor the cape had to be worked top down. And that is why it’s mostly crocheted. That makes it easier to estimate when it’s time to end work, when there’s just a little yarn left.