Jacket Playful
Jacket Playful by Aud B
Jacket Playful by Aud B
Jacket Playful by Aud B
Jacket Playful by Aud B
Jacket Playful by Aud B

Jacket, Playful

  • Size: 2 (3) 4 year
  • Length: 30 (34) 38 cm
  • Width: 65 (70) 75 cm
  • Sleeves: 21 (23) 25 cm
  • Yarn: Fingering weight, merino wool, main colour (used for edging) 100 (100) 100 g, second solid colour 50 (100) 100 g, and contrast 50 (100) 100 g, or 50 g of each contrast colour
  • Hook: 3 mm
  • Other: 7 buttons

About pattern

This pattern is available in Norwegian and English, and contains written text, chart and drawing.

The jacket is worked flat, bottom up. There is seam under the sleeves. The shoulders are crocheted together and the sleeves are sewn onto the body.

The jacket is crocheted mostly after measurements, and not by numbers, so there is room for customization.

The story about jacket Playful

When you got a book filled with different techniques for crocheting, it’s quite impossible to not get interested. And you find yourself looking for which one you want to give a try first.

The technique used in the jacket Playful was chosen because of the opportunity to use three colours alternately and switch between them in a very smooth way.

Just imagine the stash dive beforehand. Who wouldn’t enjoy that!