• Yarn: Gjestal Baby Ull, 50 g red, 50 g white, 20 g blue
  • Reflex Yarn Seeme 0,8 mm, 15 m
  • Size: width approx. 52 cm.
  • Stocking: 25 sts = 10 cm
  • Needle: circular needle 3 mm

This pattern is available in Norwegian and English.

The headband is folded, and will be worked from the middle of the rear. Then follow the diagram, before knitting the other half of the rear. It will be a seam along the middle of the rear.

To adjust the size, add or subtract 4 and 4 sts. Four sts are about 1,6 cm.

About pattern

The story about Headband, Reflex

My son needed a headband for use in kinder garden. And at that time he loved red. To make the headband warm enough, Aud B did choose to make it double. He loves it!

The yarn is thin merino wool, also called baby-wool. Chosen because of it’s softness.

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