Shrug, Rosett

Shrug, Rosett

About pattern

  • Yarn: Drops Kid-Silk 200 grams
  • Colour: pink 03
  • Needle: Circular needle size 3,5 mm and hook size 3,5 mm.
  • Length: about 40 cm.

The crocheting is an old pattern from Sandnes Kamgarn Spinneri, and reproduced with permission from Sandnes garn.

To make a smaller or bigger size, one will have to cast on 8 more or less stiches. The reports in the crocheting pattern are based on 8 knitted stiches each.

The story about shrug Rosett

Aud B made Rosett tablecloth a long time ago. The yarn and pattern were inherited from her grandmother, who also loved to crochet.

One day, when the tablecloth, on one occasion, hang on the back of a chair, it looked so nice that Aud B would like to wear something like it. Years later, she made this shrug.

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