Scarf, him

About pattern

  • Yarn: Dalegarn, Cotinga
  • Colour: 50 g 8255 Green, 200 g 0007 grey
  • Needle size: 5 mm
  • Size: ca 127 x 17 cm
  • Gauge: 18 sts = 10 cm

This pattern is available in Norwegian and English.

Diagram show pattern from RS, which means that the symbols for R and P will be the opposite from PS.

The story about Scarf, Him

When I had knitted Scarf, Her to my mother, I decided to make it a Christmas present for her, and then my father would have to get one to. But kid-silk with mohair is not very typical for him and not lace as well. So both the yarn and the design had to be changed. That’s how Scarf, Him was born.

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